A family business and
more than 100 years of experience.


The origin of coffee, among legends and traditions.

The legend of the shepherd Kaldi recounted in one of the Arabian Nights legends is certainly the best-known. The story tells that while Kaldi's goats grazed in the Arabian mountains, Kaldi came across from a type of bush covered with small red berries. Having noticed the animals' excitement after grazing on these hillsides, the shepherd told about this to the Sufi monks (ascetic Muslims) of the region. The Sufis decided to gather these fruits, dry them, and use them to prepare an infusion that they would drink with delight. Soon they were seized with a feverish enthusiasm that they compared to a divine revelation.

It's because of this that since 1920, the traders of walter matter s.a. have maintained this enthusiasm to ensure their clients the selection of  high-quality coffees in keeping with each client's specific requirements.


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