Providing infrastructures for a better access to education and water within cocoa communities


  • 2nd largest cocoa producing country after Cote d’Ivoire
  • Climate change impacts cocoa crops (change in weather patterns)
  • Economic vulnerability and deepened poverty during off seasons
  • Children education as well as Sanitation & Hygiene are crucial issues


In case of lack of answers from governments, it is our duty to support farming communities as much as we can on a punctual basis.

Obviously, we work closely with local authorities to provide appropriate solutions. Although our action remains a drop in the ocean….we have to start somewhere:

  • Construction of infrastructures for the communities (toilet facilities, water pumps, etc)
  • Construction of a 6-classroom-block, fully equipped in Yirase Community
  • Construction of Domeabra school started end of 2021

A few data

  • 4 communities involved
  • 4 water pumps built in community centers
  • More than 1,000 families beneficiaries