Over 30 origins from all over the world

In order to meet all your needs, we select and source more than 30 origins from all around the world.

And to satisfy even the most discerning palates, we offer several specific and rare origins, often difficult to access.


Out of 75 species, only 2 are grown

Coffee berries grows on a bush belonging to the genus Coffea, part of the Rubiaceae family. Although there are more than 75 species, only 2 are grown in various regions of the world: Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora, also known as Robusta.

All the coffee-producing countries are located in a zone between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, providing crops with warm, humid conditions and constant temperatures.

Arabica coffee plantations are located in the mountains and plateaus, while Robusta is exclusively grown on plains.


Coffee, the stimulating drink that punctuates the day of millions of people worldwide.


An origin between legends and tradition

Recounted in the Arabian Nights tales, the legend of the shepherd Kaldi is certainly the best-known.

The story tells that while Kaldi’s goats grazed in the Arabian mountains, Kaldi came across from a type of bush covered with small red berries. Having noticed the animals’ excitement after grazing on these hillsides, the shepherd told about this to the Sufi monks (ascetic Muslims) of the region. The Sufis decided to gather these fruits, dry them, and use them to prepare an infusion that they would drink with delight. Soon they were seized with a feverish enthusiasm that they compared to a divine revelation.

It’s with the same fervour and enthusiasm that, since 1920, our traders ensure our clients the selection of high-quality coffees in keeping with their specific requirements.

15th century

The use of coffee appears in Mecca, from whence it quickly spreaded all over the Muslim world


The Dutch bring coffee cultivation to Ceylon (Sri Lanka)


The French bring coffee cultivation to Bourbon Island (Réunion)


With its coffee plantations in the Antilles, essentially on the Santo Domingo Island, France becomes the largest producer of coffee in the world

19th century

Coffee plantations are established in the Asian colonies of the British Empire and of the Kingdom of Holland

20th century

Coffee plantations are established in the African colonies of the British and French Empires