Perú – Amazonas

Agricultural practices improvement to strengthen coffee smallholders’ resilience


  • Poor agricultural practices due to limited knowldege on coffee farming
  • Lack of infrastructure to allow a qualitative post-harvest process and lack of material to maintain the parcels
  • Poor crop diversification / Limited self-sufficiency
  • Low interest of the young generation for coffee farming
  • Poor sanitation & hygiene infrastructures, with limited access to drinking water


  • Improve agricultural practices to reach a better coffee quality
  • Improve yield through a regenerative agriculture
  • Improve coffee smallholders’ income and find additional sources of revenue
  • Promote gender & youth involvement in the coffee farming


  • Provide capacity building through an inclusive training program
  • Help coffee smallholders through a dedicated technical assistance at farm level
  • Provide equipment and material required to improve the coffee quality

A few data

  • Located in the Province of Amazonas
  • 500 producers splitted in 80 communities
  • 3-year-project
  • 2 cooperatives of smallholders