El Salvador – Cordillera del Bálsamo

Coffee regenerative agriculture program to support farming communities


  • Poor agricultural practices due to limited knowldege on coffee farming
  • Poor infrastructure to allow a qualitative post-harvest process / Lack of material to maintain the parcels
  • Poor income diversity & self-suficiency
  • Lack of access to drinking water


  • Improve parcels’ productivity
  • Recover and renewal of the coffee plots in poor conditions
  • Increase farmers’ income levels and improve self-sufficiency
  • Promote the womens’ entrepreneurship
  • Promote gender equality within local communities


  • Capacity building and technical assistance in coffee farming
  • Plots renovation
  • Income diversification
  • Social aid to education in local community
  • Covid-19: Communication to the communities for prevention and protection

A few data

  • 3 communities involved
  • About 70% of the parcels renovated
  • Project started in 2016